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Московский международный нефтегазовый клуб

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The MIPC, also known under its Russian abbreviation of MMNK, is a non-profit international organization, with membership of over 25 leading Russian, European and American oil and gas production and service companies committed to doing business in Russia. Decreed by the Russian Government with the status of a consultative center for international projects in the oil and gas sectors, MIPC has been active in the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, U.S.-Russian Energy Dialogue, Duma-Congress Study Group, and is committed to the promotion of international cooperation and development of Russia's petroleum industry, as well as identification and support for national legislation for investment in the Russian energy sector.

The MIPC Co-Presidents for 2005, as approved by the MIPC annual meeting on 15 December 2004, are President of Rosneft Sergey M.Bogdanchikov (Rosneft is now undergoing the process of merger with Gazprom) from the Russian side and President of Exxon Mobil Russia Ben Haynes. In 2003-2004 co-presidents were Mr. Vagit Alekperov, President of OAO Lukoil, and Mr. Rein Tamboezer, President and Country Chairman for Russia, Shell Exploration and Production Services. (MIPC co-presidents for 2001-2002 were Alexei Miller, Chairman of RAO Gazprom, and Menno Grouvel, Senior Vice President of TotalFinaElf). Dr. Togrul Bagirov is the MIPC Executive Vice President. Mr. Lucian Pugliaresi provides representation for the MIPC in the U.S., from Washington, D.C. MIPC Executive Committee Members: from the Russian side – Rosneft, LUKoil, Transneft, Itera, Dr. Bagirov; from the Western side – ExxonMobil Russia, ChevronTexaco, Shell, Total, E.ON Rurgas.

MIPC/MMNK organizes many annual energy-related events, briefings and seminars, in Moscow, London and Washington D.C.


Speech at the Session on "Energy Security: Emerging Energy Security Risks and Risk Mitigation - A Global Overview and Global Energy Security and the Caspian Sea Region" at the UNECE COMMITTEE ON SUSTAINABLE ENERGY 15th ANNUAL SESSION, "SUSTAINABLE ENERGY POLICIES: THE KEY TO ENERGY SECURITY", 28-30 November 2006, Geneva.

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